Social Media and Networking Resources

If you're interested in learning more about branching out into the world of online social media and networking and you try a Google search on the subject, be prepared.  There are many "experts" out there, but most that come up in search results are agencies that are just trying to sell you services.  So, I'm compiling a growing list of quality sites in which to find information.  Most are about social media in general, but those that are specifically dedicated to the application of social media to the labor movement will be highlighted in green.  Here are a few recommendations, and more will be added soon:
  1. The Social Media Marketing Report - A white paper with very useful information. The name says it all.
  2. Mashable - Believe it or not, this site considers itself a blog.  It is a clearinghouse of all things related to social media.  If I had to pick just one site for you to browse, this would be it.
  3. Social Media Examiner - Another elaborate blog, and chock-full of great articles.
  4. Anthony Bradley's Blog for Gartner, Inc. - Anthony is head of a research group for Gartner (an IT solutions company) and blogs primarily about social media.  If you want to learn more, he's a great resource with invaluable information.
  5. Outspoken Media - An internet marketing company with a great deal of relevant advice.
  6. Penn Olson - AWESOME site!  Love the layout, easy to navigate, lots of basic information for the social media newbie. 
  7. Brian Solis - According to his site, Brian Solis is globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders and published authors in new media.
  8. Organizing 2.0 - One of the few sites truly dedicated to the pursuit of enabling union organizers with the tools to effectively apply social media to their organizing campaigns.  Do NOT miss this one.  
  9. New Organizing Institute - A valuable organization that provides training and guidance about cutting edge online organizing strategies for any non-profit/community/grassroots campaign, whether it be political, fundraising and everything in between.   You can also find a plethora of new media research, articles and resources in this one handy dandy place.


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  3. The listed websites act as an information resource for organizers and labor union leaders when they need to start on their Social Media efforts. A good rule of thumb here is to simply follow three blogs/resources about the latest trends and practices of social media, and test it to get a feel of what works for your campaigns.

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