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Heather Stefan
After getting a taste of the labor movement through her membership with the Louisiana Federation of Teachers when teaching first grade, Ms. Stefan spent several years as a union representative and lobbyist for the Louisiana AFL-CIO. She continues to work closely with labor organizations throughout the state of Louisiana. She is or has been a member of AFSCME, AFT, OPEIU and the UA over the years, and greatly enjoys utilizing her teaching and communication skills in front of labor organizations.
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Her focus here is primarily to assist labor leaders and activists in becoming more comfortable with (and actively using) new media and online social networking as a strategic communication and public relations tool. "There is an online labor movement that is quickly developing as the primary mouthpiece for the entire labor movement as a whole.  Union organizations, from locals to internationals, can either ignore this trend or embrace it.  This is the future of the labor movement, so they need to either get on board and move ahead with it, or be left behind."
If your organization is interested in exploring the possibility of providing encouragement, training and materials for your members that will help them hop on board, send Heather an email: hstefan@newlabormedia.com for more information.