Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Labor Media's

  • Modern, clean layout that is visually appealing.
  • Very well written, no typos.
  • Not overly cluttered.
  • Eye-catching, rotating gear at the top of the page that is interactive.
  • Creative use of union bug.
  • Prominent placement of social networking links.
  • High resolution graphics and text. No bumpy, rough text - very smooth.*
  • Very professional-looking site.*
    • The home page is too long. The reader shouldn't have to keep scrolling and scrolling to access content. While this is okay for secondary pages, the home page should not extend very much beyond the browser screen.*
    • Much of the information posted on the home page can be moved to secondary pages, and some graphics could be smaller. Many unions feel compelled to post everything on the home page. Don't.
    • The main categories across the top of the page - news, organize, headquarters, territories, members and MNPL - should be individual portals that focus on information designed for specific audiences. This makes it very easy for someone to find the content they're looking for quickly, with as few clicks as possible. Your visitors shouldn't have to work too hard to find what they need. 
    • There should be obvious and individual portals for members, contractors, future members, news, and an "about us" that encompasses leadership profiles, locations, member organizations, mission statement, etc.
    • Once a visitor digs a little deeper, there are several unfinished pages. Keep unfinished pages hidden!

    Some of you might find it ironic that my own site does not necessarily reflect my own advice - and you're absolutely right. This site is a work in progress, and a free blog site has limited capabilities. You know the saying - Do as I say, not as I do! - NLM

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    1. I agree with most of your assessment, but I think the gear is a bad mistake. It just replicates the links right above it. The gear also requires flash which should be abandoned due to lack of support in iPad/iPhone and most smartphones. Speaking of smartphones, I would like to see more mobile support. There is a stylesheet specifically for iPhone, but a more generic WebKit stylesheet would be better (WebKit is the browser engine used by iOS/Android/Blackberry/WebOS).